Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dreaming big?

Optional Reality's Dreaming Big Challenge has come to an end. This was a challenge about designing a "sales pitch" in 600 words or less for a text-based online roleplaying game. This is the kind of pitch you'd tease knowledgeable investors with -  if investors cared about multiplayer text games and you ended up in an elevator with one, that is.

There were 10 entries to the competition and as the results are now in (including very elaborate judge feedback!), I encourage you to go read all the entries. The focus was on originality and fresh ideas and maybe these short pitches represent a cross-section of the current trends or a whiff of where the wind is blowing for future games. Or maybe it will help inspire you to make a sales pitch of your own.

You can find all the entries linked from the second post of this thread. Enjoy!


  1. You're far too modest Griatch, your submission is excellent and the win is well-deserved!

  2. Thanks, glad you liked my entry! The win was a surprise, there are some solid entries among the competition. :D